Your First Pair of Glasses

First Pair Glasses

If you’re coming to this blog for the first time, chances are you might also be looking for a first pair of glasses—either for yourself or for a loved one. There are two major categories of first time eyeglasses wearers: children and adults over the age of 40. Regardless of your age group, getting that first pair of glasses can be a difficult transition. At Metrovision Optical Boutique, we’re here to help through that process because we have decades of experience doing just that.

In part one of our beginner’s guide to a first pair of glasses, we’re going to focus on the kids. If you’re an adult looking for information about your first pair of glasses check back in next week. We’ve got you covered!

The biggest issue with children and glasses—other than breaking or losing them often enough—is the issue of vanity. Most children would rather not wear glasses. They can be perceived as both physically uncomfortable and emotionally jarring. Being called “Four Eyes” (if it was still the 1950s) or even worse can certainly be traumatizing to a child. Some children, however, embrace glasses. They enjoy them as accessory. It makes them feel special as it becomes part of their personality. It even gives them some measure of responsibility in maintaining them on a daily basis (much easier than any pet!).

The prescription aspect of a new pair of glasses is not usually an issue. Children adapt easily to these first time prescriptions. Being able to see clearly for the first time can be exhilarating and enlightening moment for them. “Wow everything is so clear.” This improved vision could certainly lead to improved concentration and grades in the classroom. And if they’re into sports, you might want to double up with a pair of protective glasses as well.

Younger children are, in a way, easier to get on board with a new pair of glasses. Teens, on the other hand, might present a slightly different sent of difficulties and attitudes. We had a teenager come to the store the other day who was about to start high school in a couple of weeks. Her examination revealed some nearsightedness. She was so apprehensive, she didn’t even want to try on frames. Her mother was easing her into the process. Our advice was, just go for it. If you hate everything, then try a rimless frame pick a custom color that will match your skin tone this will camouflage to the point that it will not even look like you are wearing eyeglasses. We have so many options at Metrovision Optical Boutique. And most importantly, you’re not the only one with glasses.

Check back next week for part two and if you feel your child is in need of a new pair of glasses, schedule an appointment with us today!