5 Signs You Need a New Pair of Glasses

squinting new glasses

The quality of your vision–much the like quality of the rest of your body–declines with age and, unfortunately, there’s only so much you can to maintain it. Every set of eyes is different, that’s why some people need glasses as children and some can go decades into their lives before donning their first pair. But no matter the age, the tell-tale signs of deteriorating vision are easy to spot (no pun intended, well, maybe just a bit). If you’re experiencing any of the following issues on a semi-regular basis, then we highly encourage you to stop by Metrovision Optical Boutique for a check-up with our on-site optometry specialists.


1. Squinting

We’re not talking about the kind of squinting that occurs when you forget to wear your sunglasses. If you’re forced to squint your eyes when you need to read text that’s not excessively small or even signage that’s not too far away, then you’ve got a tell-tale sign that you may need glasses.


2. Headaches

Not the kind caused by a bad day at work or the kids driving you up the wall; we’re talking about headaches that are caused directly by straining your eyes too much. If the act of seeing or viewing has you reaching for aspirin all of the time then you need to see an optometrist ASAP.


3. Eye Fatigue

This is not the same kind of fatigue as the one you feel from physical activity or labor. It’s about how quickly it takes for your eyes to feel strained, weak or tired. Staring at a screen for too long will cause fatigue in the healthiest set of eyes, but we’re talking about your eyes feeling tired from performing simple tasks like reading a newspaper article. Make sure to note when you feel eye fatigue and what causes it.


4. Night Driving Difficulty

Driving when it’s dark out can present challenges for just about anyone, especially old drivers. Ever had another car’s high beams flash you directly in the eyes? Street lighting is inconsistent and driving local roads versus the highways presents a different set of challenges. But you should be able to adjust quickly. If not then you’ve got a serious issue that can not only hurts your eyes but could put other drivers and pedestrians in danger.


5. Trouble Focusing on Far Away Objects

Whenever you’re forced to move reading objects further away in order to get into focus, then your eyes are definitely in need of a check up and most likes a new pair of glasses. Anytime you have to make an extra effort to see something is a small warning that your eyes might be failing you. But luckily at Metrovision Optical Boutique we can diagnose the issue and take the steps to correct it immediately. If you’re experiencing any of these issues then please make an appointment to stop in today!