The 3 Types of Sunglass Lenses You Need To Know About!

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When you’re ready for a new pair of sunglasses for the summer (or any season for that matter!) you’re going to want to know what options are available. Style, of course, is key but even more important is the type of lens that will be helping keep the sun out of your eyes. At Metrovision Optical Boutique we want to educate you before you even set foot in the store so here’s a quick look at the three different lens types you’ll encounter when trying on your new shades.

1.Tinted Lenses

These lenses are what you’d call colored lenses and they mimic dimly lit conditions. A good tinted lens will make the weather outside look overcast. It sounds funny to buy a lens that makes an otherwise beautiful day look gloomy, but you want a lens that changes color of objects the least. Tinted grays and browns seem to do this the least But that is as subjective as the shape of the frames. So you might find that all stop signs suddenly look purple instead of red.

2. Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are two lenses fused together. In between these lenses is a colored film. These polarized films block the reflecting glare from flat or shiny objects, like looking at a highly chromed vehicle when driving. When you look at water, you can only see the reflected glare off the surface. When wearing a polarized lens you can look into the water! The polarized lens allows you to see that fish swimming towards your bait. I am never really good at explaining polarization. Here’s a test for you. Go outside with a pair in non-polarized sunglasses and look at a car windshield. Try to make out the driver behind the wheel. You can’t! But with a pair of polarized lens you most certainly can!

3. Photosensitive Lenses

These lenses change according to the amount of radiation reaching the lens. So the lenses change from clear to tinted depending on the environment. These lenses are convenient for people that are inside and outside many time during the course of a day. That means no switching between two pairs of frames. While they are popular, we tend to shy away from them at Metrovision Optical Boutique. They are not effective in your car. Car windshields block UV rays, this protects the upholstery and leather inside your vehicle. However, it does not allow the lens to darken. They also have a life cycle. As the lens gets older they will lose their ability to become clear or dark.