Know Your Face Shape!

Face Shapes

We have a saying at Metrovision Optical Boutique that you might have heard if you’ve been reading our blog. “Nobody looks bad in glasses…if they pick the correct frames!” There are so many things to factor into frame selection, from color to style. But the single most important piece of information is the shape of your face. It’s something that you may have never even thought of. After all, you’ve seen your face every day or your life and probably never even thought about its shape. But that’s why you’ve got us to lend our professional expertise in helping you find your face shape and then the ideal pair of frames that fit perfectly.

Face shapes can be generally broken down in to these six different types…

1. Round
A round face is consistent in length and width, just like a circle. Wide cheeks and lots of facial curves are offset with a pair of angled or rectangular frames.

2. Square
We can make it hip to be square when it comes to your face. A broad forehead and jaw line requires a pair of thin, rounded frames.

3. Oblong/Long
In order to offset the elongated length of your chin and cheeks, you’ll want a pair of glasses that tapers to the chin. Narrow, round frames are a good bet for men while a cat-eye style will work best for women.

4. Diamond
This is the least common face type. It’s angular and bony, wide at the temples and emphasizes the cheekbones. For this face we highly recommend a rectangular-style of frames.

5. Triangle/Heart
This type of face tapers strongly toward the chin, which can be narrow and pointy. You most likely also have high cheekbones. So attempt to broaden your jaw with a pair of classic aviators. Having a brow bar at the top of frames helps a great deal.

6. Oval
If you have an oval-type face than you can thank your genetics for that. The proportions of your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are symmetrical. What does that mean? Luck has shined upon you once again because most frames work for you face. Any type will do!

So take some time to study your face in the mirror to determine what your type is. And if that’s not working then you can always schedule an appointment to stop by Metrovision Optical Boutique for a professional consultation. We hope to see you soon!